Head And Brain Injuries

When two vehicles collide, the impact can be devastating. Depending on the type of collision, the driver’s body could be thrown from side to side or front to back. This violent motion can lead to serious head wounds and lasting brain damage.

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The Devastation Of Brain Injuries

Typically, head injuries can either be “open” or “closed.” Open indicates that there is visible damage through lacerations or broken bones in the skull. Closed indicates that there is no visible damage, but the brain has suffered damage inside the cranium.

The brain can be damaged in two ways:

  • Structural damage: If the impact has caused parts of the brain to be compressed, or an object has penetrated the skull and impacted the brain, damage to the actual structure of the brain can be monitored by an MRI, CAT scan or other medical imaging device.
  • Functional damage: If the impact does not alter the brain’s structure but the brain’s operation is impaired, it can be said that the victim has suffered functional damage. This damage must be assessed by neurological testing as functional impairment will not appear through imaging.

Individuals might not show symptoms immediately after suffering traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It is not uncommon for loved ones and close friends to report a change in attitude or mood swings that an injured person exhibits.

Experienced, Dedicated Attorneys Who Care

If you or a loved one exhibits symptoms such as persistent headaches, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory or blurred vision, do not hesitate to contact a skilled head and brain injuries attorney.

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