Treatment Errors

Some medical malpractice cases are rooted in an incorrect diagnosis, a failure to properly identify a medical problem. Other cases are the result of negligent treatment given by a doctor. Treatment can be considered to take many forms: surgeries, procedures, and pharmaceutical therapies (medications) are common among them. Some treatment errors represent serious negligence.

Doctors are not perfect, but they are expected to uphold certain standards of care in their treatment of diseases and other problems. When they are negligent in their duties, people suffer.

What Can You Do When A Doctor Or Hospital Has Been Negligent?

If you or a loved one was hurt in Indiana or Illinois because you were given the wrong treatment for a medical issue, the trial lawyers of Greene & Schultz can provide you with guidance regarding your options. We have successfully litigated many cases against health care providers who caused unnecessary injury or wrongful death to their patients. We can help you answer questions like:

  • How long will a medical malpractice case take?
  • Will it be worth it to sue a big hospital?
  • What are my chances of successfully suing a doctor?
  • How do you prove that a surgery was performed improperly?
  • What if someone in my family was given the wrong medication?

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