Surgical Errors

Researchers call major surgical errors “never” events. This is because these are events that should never happen, such as putting in the wrong implant or leaving a sponge or some other foreign object behind.

But such “never” events do nonetheless happen, often causing severe injuries. At Green & Schultz, we can help you hold negligent doctors and other health care providers accountable for their errors. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, we serve clients in both Indiana and Illinois.

Holding Doctors Accountable For Surgical Errors

Surgical errors can occur not only due to individual mistakes by doctors or nurses; as with other types of medical mistakes, they can also occur due to systemic failures in a hospital’s or surgery center’s procedures. For example, a health care facility may not have proper protocols in place to make sure that patients are properly monitored during surgery.

It isn’t only major surgery that can result in surgical errors either. Indeed, research has shown that surgeon malpractice or other negligence often happens in relatively minor procedures. Research has also shown that medication errors are surprisingly common during surgery.

What Happened And Who Is Responsible?

If you are experiencing complications after surgery, you may not be sure that the cause was medical malpractice. At Greene & Schultz, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you assess your situation, based on the facts.

If the facts indicate there was a surgical error or other negligence, we help you pursue rightful compensation for your injuries. We know the stakes are high for you and will respond with aggressive advocacy on your behalf.

Get the legal counsel you need for surgical errors in Indiana and Illinois. To arrange a confidential consultation with an attorney at our firm, give us a call at 812-558-0198 or complete our online form.