Nursing Malpractice

Nurses play an integral part in your care and recovery. As with doctors, nurses are legally bound to provide an accepted standard of care to patients. This means they should ensure you are receiving the right medication, that your physical needs are being met and that they are following your doctor’s directives. When a nurse fails to meet that standard, it is you who pays the price.

At Greene & Schultz, we understand the impact a medical mistake can have on a patient. Our lawyers regularly represent families in Indiana and Illinois that have been affected by nursing malpractice — and we are passionate about helping you hold nurses and other parties accountable.

When A Patient Is Harmed

When you are receiving medical treatment in a hospital, it is often the nurses who you will have the most interaction with. As such, they are responsible for making certain decisions regarding your care. Malpractice can occur when a nurse makes a mistake, such as giving you an improper dose of medication or failing to properly monitor your condition. It can also occur from an act of omission, such as failing to call for help when it is needed.

Not only may nurses be held accountable for mistakes, but liability may also apply to:

  • An attending doctor or other person under whose supervision the nurse was operating
  • The hospital or medical facility that employed the nurse
  • A pharmacy that supplied an erroneous medication

Our skilled attorneys have significant medical malpractice experience and have obtained compensation for clients throughout Indiana and Illinois.

Evaluate Your Options

When medical professionals fail to fulfill their duty of care, causing you injury, it is important that you evaluate your options.

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