Types Of Product Defects

Protect liability cases arise when a product purchased by a consumer causes harm. The most serious kind of product liability occurs when a person, using a product as it is intended and even advertised to perform, harms or kills a user.

At the Bloomington, Indiana, law firm of Greene & Schultz, our product liability attorneys help Indiana and Illinois consumers seek compensation from businesses whose products have not performed as they were designed and caused a person harm or death.

What Are The Different Types Of Product Defects?

There are three main types of product defects that are covered under the laws of liability. These are:

  1. Design defects — Design defects occur when a product is poorly designed or did not undergo sufficient testing to uncover a design defect. Until the design is fixed, all of the products in the line will be defective. An example of this is the recent problems with airbags manufactured by Takata Airbags. To date, there have been 11 deaths and nearly 200 injuries linked to the defective airbags that inflate with such force they can kill or injure drivers and front-seat passengers.
  2. Manufacturing defects — Manufacturing defects involve situations where the product design is sound, but a lapse in manufacturing to specifications results in the defect. This is a defect that the maker of the product did not intend to cause. One example of a manufacturing defect is food that is improperly prepared or packaged and makes consumers sick.
  3. Marketing defects — Marketing defects exist where the instructions accompanying a product are unclear or fail to warn consumers of dangers associated with the product’s use. An example of a marketing defect is a string of lights that can cause a fire if near fabric. The directions or product labeling should warn consumers of this unwanted feature.

What Compensation Can I Sue A Product Manufacturer For?

People injured by a defective product should seek the advice of an experienced product liability lawyer to get the compensation they deserve. The types of compensation consumers can sue for include:

  • Medical bills past and future
  • Lost wages past and future
  • Time off from work
  • Rehabilitative therapy

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