Skilled Legal Representation For Farm Accident Victims

The risks for potential accidents are everywhere on Indiana farms. The injuries from a farm accident can be devastating, and it is vital for victims to receive fair and full compensation.

At Greene & Schultz Trial Lawyers, we serve clients throughout Indiana. Our law firm’s personal injury attorneys are committed to helping our clients receive the compensation they need to cover the cost of their injuries, recovery and other expenses.

Potential Threats On A Farm

As farms have become more industrialized, the farming equipment has become more powerful and dangerous. While these machines and tools can make tasks easier, the machinery also can cause serious harm. Some common causes of farming accidents include:

  • Defective farm equipment
  • Poorly maintained or repaired equipment
  • Poorly designed equipment
  • Tractor or truck rollovers
  • Falls from high places
  • Grain bin injuries
  • Exposure to pesticides

Farming accident injuries often happen as a result of recklessness or negligence.

Common Injuries From Farming Accidents

When an accident occurs in an agricultural setting, it is common for the damage to be catastrophic. Injuries can include:

The injuries can have lifelong medical, financial and social ramifications.

The Damages In A Farm Accident Claim

After being injured in a farm accident, victims want to know what they will receive for compensation. While every case is unique, there are some common goals that exist in every case. At Greene & Schultz Trial Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers can pursue compensation for:

  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Loss of bodily function
  • Renovation and relocation costs to accommodate a permanent disability
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

After accidents, insurance companies often act quickly and offer victims lowball settlement amounts. Our farm accident attorneys have been dealing with insurance companies for decades. We know how to secure the fullest compensation possible.

Potential Victims Of A Farming Accident

Anyone passing by a farm or working on one is vulnerable to a mishap of any kind. Over the years that our attorneys have represented clients in farm accident cases, the victims have been farm employees, contractors and service providers, as well as motorists on rural roads.

For employees and contractors, falls and heavy machinery are some of the most looming threats. Motorists face risks from farm vehicles, especially during planting and harvest seasons. When you are injured in a farming-related accident, it is important to know what legal options you have.

Possible Legal Remedies

You may have several different claims you can pursue. A few of the most common types include:

  • Worker’s compensation for direct employees who were hurt on the job
  • Personal injury third-party claims for employees who were hurt on the farm by someone who is not their employer
  • Personal injury claims that allow employees to seek compensation directly from their employer
  • Defective product claims to hold the equipment designers and/or manufacturers accountable

Additionally, if your loved one was hurt in a farm accident and passed away as a result, our attorneys can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our Lawyers Will Seek Justice

A farming injury can have devastating consequences, and our Indiana attorneys are here to help you gain the resources you need to be made whole. Contact us by calling or emailing us here to schedule your free initial consultation today.