Syngenta Litigation

Syngenta AG has become embroiled in numerous lawsuits related to problems with its genetically modified (GMO) Viptera corn. Farmers and exporters are bringing claims that they suffered economic losses because of Syngenta’s intentional rush to market Viptera corn seed before getting approval from China and other U.S. trade partners. This resulted in numerous shipments of corn over more than a year’s time that were blocked by China and other countries. Farmers are understandably frustrated by a significant drop in the price of corn that correlates with China’s refusal of American corn shipments.

Syngenta knew that GMO corn seed like Viptera and Duracade had not yet been approved by these foreign markets and they knew the consequences of what could happen if it their actions were discovered. However, Syngenta believed that these new products would help their company boost their market share of the U.S. corn seed market from 5% to 20%. In other words, Syngenta placed their own interests ahead of the interests of farmers. Their poor judgment has cost American Farmers an enormous amount of money.

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At Greene & Schultz, based in Bloomington, Indiana, we bring consumer protection actions against powerful companies that have caused serious problems. We are prepared to represent Indiana and Illinois farmers for their economic loss claims against Syngenta. We are not pursuing class actions against Syngenta. Instead, we are filing all of our client’s cases on their individual merits because we believe it is the best way to maximize each client’s damages.

Our firm’s trial attorneys have extensive experience in the courtroom. In addition to many years of representing injured clients in difficult cases against negligent parties and their insurance companies, we have handled:

  • Wage-and-hour litigation against Walmart and other very large employers
  • Antitrust class actions against businesses engaged in price fixing
  • Litigation against DuPont regarding dangerous chemicals
  • Product liability claims

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