Recreational Accidents

The use of recreational vehicles is growing in Indiana, especially since these vehicles provide the opportunity to play outside all year round. As outdoor activities become more popular, however, the chance of a serious accident also increases. It only takes a minor problem for your relaxing afternoon to turn into a stress-filled nightmare.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Cases

Our lawyers at Greene & Schultz represent victims of recreational accidents involving:

  • Speedboats, paddle boats, and Jet Skis
  • Three-wheeled and four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Motorbikes, dirt bikes, and scooters
  • Campers and motor homes

Due to the nature of these vehicles, injuries are often severe and result in permanent disability, loss of limbs, and sometimes death.

A Thorough Investigation

Unlike other motor vehicle accident cases, determining who is liable for a collision involving a recreational vehicle can be difficult, and not all types of vehicles are required to be insured. At Greene & Schultz, we will conduct a thorough investigation, looking at any factors that may have contributed to your injury. This may include a manufacturer who failed to recall your vehicle due to a defective part or a maintenance company that did not properly address a problem that led to your accident.

If you rented an ATV and used it on a privately owned course, there may be a premises liability issue if the owner of that course failed to warn you of existing dangers. For example, maybe there was a sharp turn and there was no warning sign, causing you to lose control.

Consultations At No Charge

Greene & Schultz helps clients pursue fair compensation for injuries resulting from the negligent acts of others. Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys by sending us an email or calling our Bloomington office at 812-558-0198​.