Workers' Compensation

Have you been hurt on the job? Are you unsure of your legal rights? Workers' compensation laws are complicated. You should contact Greene & Schultz to learn more.

At Greene & Schultz, we are ready to help. Our lawyers have decades of experience helping people who have been hurt on the job in Indiana. We will explain your rights and work to get the maximum compensation and benefits possible for your injuries.

Helping You Understand Your Rights After A Workplace Accident

The workers' compensation attorneys at Greene & Schultz make it a priority to educate our clients about the law and how the law affects their case. Our attorneys and staff will help you with issues involving medical bills, wage loss, permanent impairment and more.

We commonly receive questions such as:

  • Can I choose my own doctor?
  • What should I do if my injuries are permanent?
  • What benefits am I entitled to?
  • What should I do if I can't return to work?
  • Can my employer deny my claim?
  • When should I contact a lawyer?

For additional information, we invite you to visit our FAQ page which answers several other frequently asked questions about workers' compensation.

Call Us With Your Questions

If you have questions, concerns or simply want to discuss the details of your workplace injuries, call Greene & Schultz today at 812-558-0198. You can also contact us online. We represent clients with workers' compensation claims and cases throughout the entire state of Indiana.