Of Indiana’s 10 deadliest roads, 5 are in the Indianapolis area

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Car crashes can occur on even the most rural roads and on city streets with very low speed limits that should, in theory, give drivers the time they need to react to changing traffic conditions. People make mistakes all the time, from reading text messages while driving to turning the wrong way on a one-way street.

Although collisions can occur anywhere, they seem to be a bigger concern in Indianapolis than elsewhere in the state in recent years. In fact, according to a review of the most dangerous roads in the state, half of the deadliest streets in Indiana are right here in Indianapolis.

What streets are the most dangerous?

Evaluating where drivers have the most crash risk can be a challenge. Looking at home many people have died in collisions is one way to determine how dangerous specific roads actually are.

The deadliest road in the state is in Indianapolis. 38th Street between North Hawthorne Lane and Cornelius Avenue saw 10 fatal crashes and 11 deaths between 2018 and 2020. Four other dangerous roads in the top 10 deadliest in the state are also here in Indianapolis.

Madison Avenue between East Murry Street and Lisa Walk Drive had seven traffic fatalities during the same time, while Shadeland Avenue between East 21st Street and Mill View Drive had six traffic deaths in those three years. East 21st Street also had six deaths reported. The last Indianapolis street in the top 10 deadliest is East 30th Street between Bavarian Drive and North Bolton Avenue, where five people lost their lives in traffic collisions.

Motorists won’t necessarily be able to avoid traveling on the roads with the highest number of fatal crashes, but they can at least be a little more cautious when on those riskier stretches of street. Although local authorities may take steps to improve safety in areas where crashes frequently occur, the drivers on the Indianapolis streets are the only ones who can truly prevent collisions.

Learning more about where vehicle crash risk is the highest can help people in Indianapolis stay a bit safer when they are navigating traffic.

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