Can new technology reduce the number of wrong-way driving wrecks?

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Indiana car crashes occur for all kinds of preventable issues. People text while driving or decide to get behind the wheel despite having too much to drink during happy hour. They speed or don’t use their turn signal, all of which can cause preventable collisions.

Another, less common but still notable reason that people get into high-speed collisions involves wrong-way driving on highways. People enter a highway going the wrong way on a ramp and then proceed to drive at high speeds in the wrong direction. Such crashes often result in tragic fatalities, and people frequently find themselves asking if such senseless collisions are preventable.

Although it is expensive, there are technological systems that can help prevent these wrong-way crashes on highways. At least, to an extent.

Technology at on-ramps can identify wrong-way traffic

The state can install systems that detect vehicles entering the highway in the wrong direction. Sensors and cameras can help automated systems identify when someone goes the wrong way on a freeway ramp.

Although it can be quite expensive to install these systems, when fully operational, they could help deter wrong-way collisions in two ways. The system warns drivers by flashing lights, illuminating warning signs and possibly using an audible alarm to warn the person going the wrong way and others. If the driver doesn’t turn around, the system notifies state police so that they can potentially intervene and prevent a crash.

Both the visual warning and the potential deployment of police officers could make all the difference and prevent a wrong-way crash from occurring because someone turned the wrong way.

Human error is a leading cause of collisions

The vast majority of crashes that occur are the fault of one or more of the drivers involved. It is also possible for one driver to do something so dangerous that they are the only one to blame for the wreck.

A wrong-way crash on a freeway is a perfect example of a scenario in which one driver’s mistake is undoubtedly the underlying cause of a wreck. Those hurt in such scenarios may have grounds for an insurance claim or even a lawsuit against the driver who got on the highway going the wrong direction.

Learning about traffic risks can do more to protect people from motor vehicle collisions than waiting for technology to eliminate those risks. Similarly, speaking with an attorney about one’s rights and options can empower people more than simply hoping that the aftermath of a crash will be resolved favorably.

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