Indiana truck accident facts you should know

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How much do you know about truck accidents in Indiana? Most people pass commercial vehicles daily on city streets, highways and interstates, and do not give it a thought. But what if you knew more? What if you had facts to help you be safer on the roads?

Car and truck accidents can be devastating and result in extensive injures, damages, and even death. Often drivers experience emotional stress, physical pain, and anxiety. Below are statistics you should know about truck accidents in Indiana.

When truck accidents occur

Did you know: The most common time for truck accidents is Monday through Friday, in late afternoon. The number of truck accidents falls on Saturday and Sunday.

Did you know: From 2013 to 2017, truck accidents increased by 5 percent per year, which is a faster rate than the five-year average of 3 percent for all collisions.

Did you know: Nine of 10 drivers involved in a truck accident wore a seat belt. But those who were killed or injured in truck accidents had a lower rate of seat belt use.

Where truck accidents occur

Did you know: In 2017, most truck accidents occurred on highways, and 87 percent of fatal collisions with a truck happened on Indiana’s interstates, state roads, and U.S. highways.

Did you know: 29 percent of truck accidents occur on interstates, state roads and U.S. highways, compared to 7 percent of car accidents.

Fatal accident statistics

Did you know: People who are not in commercial trucks are more likely to be injured or killed than truck drivers.

Did you know: Of all truck accidents in 2017, 14 percent of motorists involved died, while an additional 64 percent of motorists involved suffered injuries.

Did you know: Fatal car accidents are much more likely to occur on city and county roads.

These statistics are not meant to scare you, but educate and help you take a more proactive approach to road safety. The more you know, the better driver you will be.


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