Top reasons why truck accidents happen

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The thought of being involved in a truck accident is enough to make anyone cringe. Thanks to the size difference between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, any type of crash can result in serious injury or even death.

If you live in or around the Bloomington area and spend any amount of time on the local highways, you know that commercial trucks are everywhere.

While most truck drivers are respectful of others and follow the rules of the road, some don’t care about any of this. Instead, they are trying to do nothing more than reach their destination as quickly as possible. This can be a problem for other drivers.

Top causes of truck accidents

A truck accident can happen for many reasons, with these causes among the most common:

  • Reckless driving. From speeding to swerving, there are many forms of reckless driving that can lead to an accident.
  • Distracted driving. Just the same as other drivers, truckers need to keep their eyes on the road at all times. This means avoiding cellphones, GPS systems and other distractions that could cause a crash.
  • Drowsy driving. Truckers are often asked to drive a long distance in a short period of time. Even though this is true, it’s important that these drivers take time to rest. When they don’t, there’s a much greater chance of an accident.
  • Unrealistic schedules. Trucking companies need to be realistic when setting schedules. When they aren’t, it often pushes a trucker to drive entirely too fast, thus increasing the likelihood of a crash.
  • Poor maintenance. There are many things a trucker must do to maintain his or her vehicle. The same holds true for trucking companies. Any oversight can lead to trouble on the road.

These are just some of the many reasons why truck accidents happen. If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a crash, turn your attention to your health and well being.

Once you understand your injuries and treatment strategy, learn more about your legal rights. By consulting with a truck accident attorney, you can better understand if you’re able to file a lawsuit with the idea of receiving compensation. There is no guarantee, but this is something you should at least look into.

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