There are many causes of outdoor slip and fall accidents

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Like most people, you probably spend a good amount of time outdoors. Even if you’re only walking to and from your vehicle, you’re outside more than you think. Unfortunately, it’s possible that you could be involved in an outdoor slip and fall accident at some point. If you understand the causes of these accidents, it’s much easier to avoid trouble in the future.

Snow and ice accumulation can cause a serious slip and fall accident. During the cold winter months, it’s important that you watch where you’re walking at all times. Along with this, others, such as commercial building owners, have a responsibility to keep the exterior of their property safe.

Another common cause of outdoor slip and fall accidents is inadequate lighting. If you can’t see where you’re going, such as in a parking lot at night, how can you be sure that you see a hazard that lies ahead?

Finally, don’t overlook the fact that sidewalks are often neglected by those responsible for maintenance, including property owners or government agencies. When this happens, it’s possible that an accident could occur.

If you’re involved in an outdoor slip and fall, don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment. Along with this, take photos of the scene, as these will come in handy in the future.

Once you’ve been treated, take the time to learn more about the accident and why it happened. You may find that third party negligence led to the incident and subsequent injuries. In this case, you’ll want to focus on your legal rights and how to obtain compensation from the responsible party.

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