Why rural roads are so dangerous

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Drivers in Indiana might be surprised to hear that rural roads can be as dangerous as urban streets, highways and interstates. Accidents can be just as severe dangerous on these roads as on other thoroughfares.

There are reasons why rural roads can be deadly.

Risky passing. Most rural roads have two lanes. Accidents frequently occur when impatient drivers take risks when trying to pass.

Darkness. Most rural roads do not have any lights nearby.

Twists and turns, ups and downs. Many rural roads have curves and hills, which in themselves can be tricky to navigate. They also limit the ability of drivers to see far ahead.

Unfamiliarity. While some drivers are on these roads regularly, many motorists have never seen them before. They are not familiar with the roadway and are not able to anticipate hazards.

Animals. Deer especially can be a hazard on rural roads.

Unpredictable driving behavior. Motorists cannot control the actions of other drivers on rural roads. People may be driving at dangerous speeds because they think that there are no other cars in sight. Or they may think there are no police officers in the area, leading them to drive recklessly or, in extreme cases, to drink and drive.

Lack of nearby medical help. If there is an accident, it may be more difficult to receive prompt medical care due to the isolation of the area.

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If you have been hurt in an accident on a rural road, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Victims can seek compensation for injuries either through an insurance claim or a lawsuit. An experienced lawyer can protect victims’ legal rights and/or deal with insurance companies.

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