Do these things when driving in heavy rain

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The fall season is here, meaning that heavy rain will begin to fall all over the state of Indiana. If you find yourself on the road when the rain begins to fall, there are a few things you need to do. Above all else, make sure you slow down and take extreme caution. Along with this, there are a few other steps you can take:

— Be patient. Although you may be in a hurry to reach your destination, you don’t want to get too far ahead of yourself. Slow down, exercise some patience, and realize that there is nothing more important than your well being.

— Turn on your headlights. Not only does this help you see the road, but it goes a long way in making it easier for others to see you.

— Leave more space. This goes along with exercising patience. There is no good time to ride too closely to other vehicles, but this definitely holds true in the rain. As a general rule of thumb, leave another car length or two of distance.

You can’t control when Mother Nature will take a turn for the worse. Instead, all you can do is be prepared for anything that comes your way.

As you adjust your driving style in the rain, you hope that others will do the same. Of course, you never know if they will. With this in mind, you need to pay close attention to everything that is going on around you.

If you do find yourself in an accident, don’t let the rain stop you from contacting the police and calling for an ambulance.

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