How common are unintentional drownings?

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Many people grow up around the water, they feel very comfortable with it, and they never truly think about just how dangerous it can be. However, the stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that there were 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings every single year (on average) from 2005 to 2014. Those stats just refer to incidents in which boats were not involved; boating-related drownings added another 332 deaths annually.

In deadly accidents, about 20 percent of those who pass away are no more than 14 years old. Five times as many are treated, often in emergency rooms, for injuries coming from a water-related incident.

Even those who survive these situations may have serious and life-altering injuries. Some have dealt with brain damage, which is often severe. This damage can then bring about learning disabilities, memory issues, problems with motor skills and other basic bodily functions, and the like. Some people have even been put into a permanent vegetative state.

If a family member drowns in a public or private pool, it may be wise to look into your rights to compensation through a premises liability lawsuit, especially when you think that the property owner or someone else in a similar position was negligent and caused the drowning to occur.

Additionally, if a family member survives but is badly is injured — especially when that person is a child — your family could be facing life-long costs and the need for extensive care. An additional cost to consider is the potentially permanent loss of income for the person who was hurt, along with the much higher cost of care.

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