Conflicting opinions on leaving a nursing home

You may think that it would be best for your loved one to leave a nursing home, especially if you think that he or she is being abused or neglected. What happens, then, if you and the elderly person have conflicting opinions? What if you think he or she should leave and the elderly person wants to stay?

It depends on the cognitive abilities of that person. For instance, if the person has been diagnosed with a cognitive disorder like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you may have legally been put in charge of making decisions on that person’s behalf. You could then be referred to as the designated legal advocate, and you could make the decision you thought was best, even if your loved one opposed it.

However, if the elderly person does not have any of these issues and is still making medical decisions on his or her own, then your opinion does not matter. You can speak to the person and recommend a change, but that person is still an adult with free will and the ability to make these choices. You have to respect the person’s wishes and leave him or her in the home.

If you think that the person is being abused and is only saying he or she wants to stay due to manipulation, there may be legal steps that you can take. You definitely want to look into all of your legal options when you think abuse or neglect are occurring, whether you and the elderly person are on the same page or not, so that you can help put an end to the unfortunate situation.

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