The many causes of truck accidents

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One cause for truck accidents that is almost always brought up when talking about this subject is driver fatigue. The laws have been rewritten specifically to combat this issue. However, the reality is that the causes are often varied and complex, and they go far beyond simple fatigue. Some other reasons for these accidents include:

1. An event that causes the truck to go out of control. Events could include striking something on the highway or having a tire blowout.

2. Mechanical problems. Some drivers have reported having the hood fly up, blocking their field of vision, for example. This could also include a whole host of engine problems that could disable the truck.

3. Rough road conditions. This could be due to a lack of maintenance on the roads — many Indiana roads have potholes that need to be fixed every summer — or due to the weather itself.

4. Other vehicles going into the same lane as the truck. Many drivers don’t realize how much space a truck needs to turn or stop.

5. Excessive speed. This often happens when a driver has to meet a specific deadline.

6. Striking a stopped vehicle. This can especially be an issue on the interstate. Vehicles that break down on the side of the road could cause trucks to hit them or lose control in an effort to avoid them.

7. Cargo shifts. The driver may not have loaded the truck, so he or she could have very little control over the cargo. Things like broken tie-downs can also be an issue.

This isn’t to say truck driver fatigue isn’t a bit problem, but just to show how important it is to understand all possible causes when involved in a crash in Indiana, especially if you want to seek compensation.

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