Signs that dementia is setting in

Forgetting something doesn’t automatically mean an older person is suffering from dementia or that the disease is beginning to set in. Everyone forgets things from time to time, regardless of age. However, there are some clear signs that could indicate this is more than a simple memory lapse. These signs include the following:

— When a person forgets very common words in the middle of a sentence.– When a person asks the same questions over and over again.– When a person uses the wrong word for something, such as calling a bed a table.– When a person gets lost in an area he or she is very familiar with — perhaps close to home.– When a person loses something by putting it in a place that doesn’t make sense, like putting a pair of sunglasses in the fridge.– When a person struggles to follow directions.– When mood changes accompany the forgetfulness.

Memory issues are very important to keep an eye on, especially as they pertain to nursing home neglect and abuse. In some cases, workers may intentionally abuse a person who has dementia because the workers think there is little chance that they will be caught; after all, if the person can’t remember the incident, it is impossible for him or her to tell anyone what happened.

This is why family members need to look out for signs of abuse. The elderly may not be able to speak up, even if they wanted to. Family members who spot these signs of neglect and abuse may then be able to take legal action on their behalf in Indiana.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Memory loss: When to seek help,” accessed May 24, 2016

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